Imagine that in just 12 weeks, you can become a healthier, stronger, leaner, happier feel, and look better.

These 12 weeks challenge it’s beyond losing 12 lbs, get leaner stronger and healthier. You will get the tools, education, and support you need to not only achieve results but maintain them too. 

A combination of right nutrition, effective progressive training plan, mindset shift, check-ups, support, and motivation are the winning formula for you to get the best result and change inside out. This program personalizes to suit your unique needs and goals.

I’m NOT your typical personal trainer that will let you sweat for an hour, and that’s about it! I will teach you how to control your body with your mind, change habits, develop self-discipline, and self-control that will help you achieve your fitness and life goal for a life-lasting result. A sad fact that at least 80% of people that lost weight regain back all of it, if not more. The reason is that the problem not treated from the roots.

What to expect?
Every person has their own individual goals, but clients typically achieving 12-25 lbs of body fat loss, double the strength, getting liner and tuner, get better at a specific sport, mindset shifting, feeling better, become more confident, and self-love, change old believes that prevented success

What’s include
-Full assessment, posture check, and body measurement.

– Personalized progressive training program for you to exercise in a gym or at home specifically for your goals that adjust every 4-6 weeks.

 -Hybrid personal training – I will connect you with my Trainerize training app so that I can deliver your workout, so you know what to do on your own (between our sessions) also track your progress, check in with you or answer any questions.

– A meal plan that will design around your goals and lifestyle. Include an analysis of your current diet, shopping list, food swap option, and portion guide.

– Realistic goals setting.

-Guided Mindset shifting work that will help you develop good habits, consistency, and self-discipline for life last positive change.

-Your choice of 1, 2, or 3+ fun, effective, 60 min personal training sessions each week in my studio, your home, or the gym.

-Unlimited support – In sessions, and when you on your own through, my Trainerize app, or Facebook.

-Bonus -your own personal health and fitness binder.

note: additional fees may apply at your home training sessions.
The program ADJUSTABLE, based on your needs, you can start with four days per week and move to twice a week based on your progress. NO commitment for 12 weeks!

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