2019 New Year goals

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It is the last day of the year. 2018 went by so fast.

I started my 2018 with a crazy hangover after having tons of alcohol. Don’t get me wrong I had a great time with my husband from what I can remember to lol. This is the last time I had alcohol. I was pretty tempted to drink again this year as the “tradition,” but decide not to. I want to finish this year healthy and strong with the right attitude and start 2019 strong! Especially when I have my chest & shoulders workout and a run tomorrow. I need to be focused on that. Priority in life is important!

2018 was an excellent year for me, one of the best!

After having some rough years of failing to accomplish goals, I’m super happy with my progress.  I established a solid foundation for my healthy lifestyle. Got into a workout routine that suits me and helps me achieve my dream body. Developed healthy eating habits, and got rid of many other limiting bad habits. I  started studying to be a personal trainer and started this blog that will help me to share and help people change their life as I did. I enjoyed good times with my little family, met great people and much more.

2019 starts tomorrow.

I’m feeling excited to make next year more powerful, and have more achievements to be proud of. It’s a tradition to make New Year’s resolutions. I prefer to set new goals. I want to share my goals for this fantastic new year with all of you, and I would love to hear from you about all your goals for a HEALTHY NEW YEAR as well. My best wishes for success to you in 2019. If you can imagine it, picture it and feel it, you can and will achieve it! This what it means to have a FITNESS MINDSET.

My goals for 2019

  1. Finish my personal trainer & nutrition course.
  2. Read the six pillars of self-esteem book.
  3. Develop my flexibility and improve my chin-ups
  4. Expand my network and make new relationships.
  5. Help motivate as many people as I can to adopt a healthy lifestyle.

This is my main goal to achieve this year, as I said I love to hear from you about the goals that you have may inspire me with some new ideas.

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