6 “musts” for a healthy lifestyle, forever.

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6 musts for a healthy lifestyle, forever. – It’s not about what kind of workout to do; you can go to YouTube and find tons of free workout routines for any level, time and space. It’s about getting motivated and take action to start. It’s a great beginning, but the most important is not to quit after a few days, it take about 3-4 weeks to develop a new habit, the goal should be to develop a healthy lifestyle. So what you need to make it a life change that will last forever?


 I think its the most critical skill for a long-term healthy lifestyle. Self-discipline also means self-control, the ability to control your body and mind. Lets put it that way if you decide to cut on sugar holding great for couple days and then the chocolate cake win than you not in control, don’t let small falls to break you, remember you in power to control your body and mind the way you want.


the key to success in your fitness & diet routine, it’s mean that you have to stick to your plan keep going even when hard, painful, or not feel like. Doesn’t say that you have to do the same thing forever, changes in the diet and workout routine from time to time its necessary, but you gotta decide that you are going to continue working out, eat healthily, and work on your mind on a daily basis.

3.Must list

we all got a must list whether we are aware of it or whether not, so if you do not have a daily planner yet its time to start! I’m sitting every weekend and planning my week; I’m writing down all the appointments and the stuff that gotta get done, and then I’m making sure to fit in my workout time, and mind work. Plan your week will give you enough time to get ready physically and mentally for your routine.

4. Priority

make your self a priority it’s NOT selfish it’s necessary for you, and when you happy and satisfied its will affect your environment positively.

5. Why?

You must have a solid reason! Write down why you wanna change your life and become more fit and healthy. Make sure to find a solid reason that will drive you. It can be so you can feel better, show a good example for your kids, live longer.. anything that will make you exciting. My why at the time was to feel good with energy after feeling sick tired with no energy most of the time.


positive self-talk its necessary to push through special when it’s getting hard when I run up to heal and my legs burning like crazy and my body just wants to stop I just telling my self, I can do it over and over and I discover then yes I can what build my confidence. 

6 musts for a healthy lifestyle

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