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7 Best running tips for beginners and advanced that will help you be consistent

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Best Running Tips for Beginners – What if I will tell you that you can get healthier and live longer by jogging 2.5 hours a week?

Copenhagen City Heart Study shows that joggers live, on average, six years longer than nonjoggers.

Running is one of the best exercises. Here are some of the benefits: Strengthing your heart and lowering resting heart rate, make the legs extremely strong, strengthening your joints, help to lose and control weight, it’s stress relief, make you happier and prevent and fight disease and more.

My running history.

My relationship with running never was good before, I tried here and there run but always was getting this sharp side pain, which made me stop and convince me that running it’s not for me!

When I started my healthy lifestyle I gave the running another chance. On the 13.6.2017 was my first official run, that was only 1.75 km at a slow pace (no I’m not tracking all my running I have my Fitbit that does a great job of that ūüôā )

I liked that and was running a couple of days a week about 4km. The next summer in 2018 I was doing 6k loop 2-3 times a week.

Then I got my Fitbit Versa in November 2018 that comes with GPS witch tracks my distance and then I started to challenge my self! On the first day with my new tracker, I did 11k run, then I kept running and practice. My goal was to do half marathon which I did on December 15; it took me 1:49min. That made me pretty proud. Not to bad for the first time.

Now I’m running twice a week between about 25k a week. It is amazing how my 6 km was pretty intense for me, and now 10km feels pretty short. Well, you have start somewhere:)

7 Best running tips for beginners and advanced that will help be consistent

listen to your body.

NEVER go too hard, ALWAYS listen to your body. Make sure you do some joint warm-up before running it will help prevent injury. Take it easy in the beginning at your own pace so you will not get very sore, get discouraged and give up. The first 10 min is the hardest. Start with a slow warm-up pace. In the beginning, your goal should be to get in the consistent running routine.


I’m “starting” my running already the night before, I plan my route to decide how long or how far I want to run, and then I am starting to visualize it in my head. When I’m starting my actual running, I feel like it’s so familiar and almost done.
Lie down relaxed close your eyes and start breathing steady. Start to imagine your run day, imagine yourself preparing, getting dress, starting running then imagine the route the view the freedom feeling and how you are finishing strong. Try to imagine with as many details and feelings you can.

Positive self-talk.

Most of my runs get hard and exhausting at some point in the route, and a boost of positive energy and self-talk are helping me get to the finish line. One of the simplest but most effective things I tell my self is¬† “I can do it!” over and over. Other times I repeat to my self “I’m strong, I’m¬†a winner, I’m confident, I’m so proud of my self” it’s sure always giving me the power to continue.

Mind work.

I used to listen to music while I’m¬†running, but at some point, I¬†lost my running motivation, and my music was not pushing me anymore. After that, I¬†decided to combine my running with some mind work, so I started to listen to a motivational playlist that will work on my MINDSET.¬†It helps me to wait and get exciting for my runs.¬† Some of the inspiring people¬†I listen to while running: Tony¬†Robbins, Jim¬†Rohn, Joe¬†dispense, Sadhguru and more¬†Check this great youtube channel. Take care of your¬†mind as much as you take care¬†of your body.

Best Running Tips for Strength training.

I started my weight training way before running. Its a priority for me, I’m focusing on my full body especially my lower body. As a result, my legs are very developed and strong. Which helps me with my speed and balance. Some people think that “to much muscle” will bulk them up, and will slow them down. It’s NOT true! Strength training will make you run faster, improve your running technique and prevent injuries.¬†

Running time vs running pace.

When I started running, I was setting my self a time goal without even looking at the pace. After I got better at my running, I started to pay attention to my pace and try to improve it.¬† As a beginner, don’t try to run fast to achieve an amazing pace. The more you gonna run the better you will get eventually.

running partner.

I used to have some running buddies in the past. It was fun to run and chat together, but I felt that I’m relying on my partner too much and when they canceled our running it was really hard to push my self to go run. When I started to run by my self, I was able to challenge myself by running faster and longer, and I was able to work on my mindset as well. Running with a partner or alone? There are some benefits of running with partners such a safety, chat time, push each other and more. On the other hand, it’s hard to rely on a partner.

One run can change your day, many runs can change your life.

I love to hear your thoughts about the best running tips for beginners ūüôā please comment below.

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