Alina Waddell Personal Trainer in Nanaimo
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Do you want to become healthier? Lose a few extra pounds? Change your eating habits? Keep saying I will start tomorrow? Let’s make tomorrow happen today! Repeat with me a few times: “I can, I will, I must!” don’t you already feel more in power?  Body and mind are connecting, and I will show you how to use your mind to achieve your dream body and new YOU inside out. 

My name is Alina Waddell Personal Trainer in Nanaimo BC Canada, Providing Private & Online Personal Training. also, I am a health and fitness blogger. Wife and a mom of 2 sweet boys age 3, 4.5 so I am pretty busy. I was born in Ukraine, grew in Israel and currently living in beautiful Vancouver Island. My point is that English it’s not my first language, so I’m sorry for any English mistakes, but I don’t want to spend too much energy on that, as I got a  message to tell, I instead focus on that. 

I consider myself a super mom and amazing women, I learned to love and respect my self. But I’m not always been like this. I had few addictions and bad habits in the past (very slightly said), I was low confidence, my self-esteem was under the ground, depression, the anxiety you name it.

I never took care of my body before, didn’t exercised and ate lots of junk food, tried some random fast diets that never worked. Now I got a passion for fitness and healthy eating; I love weightlifting, running, biking and playing tennis, any outdoor activity makes me happy, also love to cook healthy make easy colorful and super-nutritional meals and snap them lol

I successfully completed my Personal Training and Nutrition course through ISSA  (International Sports Sciences Association)

and I have lots of passion, knowledge, experience, tips, and tricks on how to look good and especially feel good. I will share my experience, my easy but healthy recipes, my body workout, and my mind work that coming before all. I can help you to lose weight build muscles shred for summer or be more active. Feel free comment, share your opinion or request me to write about any topic you interested:)

Note: I am  NOT a licensed doctor or dietitian. This blog based on my opinion and my own experience does not take any of my advice instead of a medical professional.

Alina Waddell Personal Trainer in Nanaimo BC, Canada