Are you looking to get back in shape? Lose your extra baby pounds, get    stronger toner? 
Perfect! I am here to help.


It is way more than just about weight loss. It is about having more energy you need to care for your baby, fix your mom posture, get rid of legs back, and joint pain. Get back your confidence, get stronger, and look better.

Some of the training benefits: weight loss, Improve your cardiovascular fitness, strengthen and tone abdominal muscles, prevent “leaking,” Boost your energy level, relieve stress, promote better sleep, reduce symptoms of postpartum depression, and more.

You do not need training all day! go to endless Zumba classes or having

a gym membership to get in shape. You can do it in the comfort of your own home, safely and effectively. There is a bunch of activities and exercises that you can do WITH your baby; you can get in shape while bonding with your baby.

Exercise and proper nutrition is the BEST thing you can do for YOURSELF after having a baby.

what includes

-Full assessment, posture check, and body measurement.

– Personalized progressive training program for you to exercise at home that possible to do with your baby when you have time specifically for your goals that adjust every 4-6 weeks.

-The program will deliver to you written down  or with an online app ,so you know what to do on your own (between our sessions).

 -I will connect you with my Trainerize training app so that I can deliver your workout, so you know what to do on your own (between our sessions) also track your progress, check in with you or answer any questions.

Meal plan with emphasis on a post-pregnancy diet that will support your body with the right amount of nutritious, for safe weight loss. Include an analysis of your current meal ,and adjusting shopping list, food swap option and portion guide.

– Goals setting and guided Mindset work that will help you develop good habits for life last positive change

-Your choice of 1, 2, or 3+ fun, effective, 60 min personal training sessions each week in my studio, your home, or the gym.

-Unlimited support – In sessions, and when you on your own through, my Trainerize app, or Facebook.

-Bonus -your own personal health and fitness binder.

note: additional fees may apply at your home training sessions.
The program ADJUSTABLE, based on your needs, you can start with four days per week and move to twice a week based on your progress. NO commitment for 12 weeks!

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